Being an Allopathic Doctor in the Government Sector since 35 years, she is serving to the humanity. She took early retirement from her job to serve more to mankind as giving continuous services in the form of meditation healing and free consultation to the poor people from remote areas.Dr. Saroj Chauhan is in healing people from meditation from many years.


Vedic Dance is a holistic, creative, integrated approach developed by Lalita Swami to nicelebrate our Naad Yog Nritya and Divine Feminine mystery.Lalita Swami weaves ritual belly dance, Naad yog Dance, temple dance, chakra dance and Goddess invocation- Dance Meditation with colours, Dance Meditation with Dhuna (from the different part of India) into these original and inspired intensives. Vedic Dance reflects Lalita’s rich experience as a professional dancer, teacher of Kathak Dance, Folk Dance; represented and broadcasted invariably at International, National Dance Festivals and Dance meditation programs. She has had thick flavours of rich multiple cultural diversity in India and abroad to learn about the different traditions and practices devising ways to connect with the enigmatical power through dance, ragas and rituals. the past decade, she acquainted Vedic Dance workshops to people belonging to diverse countries, with polarised principles as compared to ours, into an immensely expressive, deep, free-style dancing experience.